ichael was born in Steyr, Austria in 1979. At the age of six he showed great interest in classical music and started to take violin lessons. Throughout the years he developed a particular interest in composing orchestral music.
Soon he began to read all books he could find about composing and studied as much musical material as possible.
 Searching for help and more knowledge he later became student of Lyle Murphy’s renowned Equal Interval System with David Blumberg.
 Michael took courses at the Berklee College of Music and participated in many workshops and seminars with Donald J. Williams, Academy Award nominated composer Bruce Broughton, David Arnold, Harald Kloser, Nicholas Dodd, Dimitrie Leivici and others.
 Until today he worked on compositions and arragements for movies, computer games and commercials e.g. for Samsung (European campaign for Flat TV Series 6), Porsche, Pepsi, Red Bull and Sony.
 Michael also composes for hollywood based music libraries like Spidercues.

Credits include


Red Bull


Concert works for orchestra
Porsche Mission 2014 – Interview with Peter Falk, audiobakery
GEERS Hörakustik, Corporate Video
“Walking in the Air” (c) Postpals UK
Hollywood in Vienna 2010: Score preperation, Orchestration
“Snailbusters” Android App (c) Monkeybusters
Arrangements for the renowned flute quartet HALIL

Film / TV

“Journal”, audiobakery, ServusTV – Red Bull
“Retroalpin”, audiobakery, ServusTV – Red Bull
“Europäischer Film”, audiobakery, ServusTV – Red Bull
“Talk im Hangar 7”, audiobakery, ServusTV – Red Bull
“Never Gone”, Christoph Assauer Produktion
“Europäischer Film”, audiobakery, ServusTV – Red Bull
“Stratos”, audiobakery, ServusTV – Red Bull
“It’s all about…”,  audiobakery Movie, groox productions & Das Büro ohne Namen
Red Bull European Trophy, audiobakery, ServusTV – Red Bull
“It´s all about…”, audiobakery, movie trailer, Groox Filmproduktion
“Terra Mater”, audiobakery, Servus TV – Red Bull
“Carlos der Film”, University of new Media, Stuttgart
“Science of the Movies”, Discovery Channel